from Rose at Como: purchase ear buds as gift to students, store in snack size ziplocks.
from Monica and Grade 3 at Central: use your book buddies to help Kindergarten students get started.
from Amy at HV: introduce emgames with laptops
from Joyann at HV: Use WebPath Express for trusted Internet resources:
(get to your WebPath Express through your school's Library Media Center web page at

Resources for teachers:

Try out Gizmos! (3rd Grade Teachers):
More links from Internet4Classrooms:
Browse for resources through Thinkfinity:

Resources to use with students:

BBC Schools Science for ages 6-7:
BBC Schools Science for ages 7-8:
BBC Schools Science for ages 8-9:
BBC Schools Science for ages 9-10:

Activity Example:

Brazil Activities for Kids (3rd Grade):,12405,104221,00.html (link from Katie at HV)