Photostory, Podcasts, Blogs - What next?
I found another innovative technique for Digital Storytelling
called Voice Thread. It easier to create and less time-consuming
for students within the computer lab.
We already have the technology in the labs; you just have to create an account in Voice Thread.
I know what you're thinking - why learn another thing? Here's the reason:

From Ray - VoiceThread - - above is an easy-to-use means of creating online media albums that hold any type of media. The albums are then easy to share with others. There is also plenty of security so you can feel good using it with your students!
Need more Voicethread support? Visit this Voicethread 4 Education wiki - Click on the grade level links on the right to see how teachers are using Vociethread in the classroom.

From Wendy:
A great site where you can set up your own classroom blog.

From Judy:
MathCasts - I found a great site for math videos created by students