Content here was added by LCSD Physical Education teachers during a Technology Leadership Camp Summer 2008

From Heidi: start with this video
and the suggested articles there.

Also look at other schools' programs/websites to see what we can add to ours.

From Karen
Here is an easy way for your special needs students to let you know what is up with them…….

From Becca:

Here is a link to a an extensive assortment of Physical Education, Health and Nutrition Information. These websites offer lesson plans, game ideas, coaching tips and nutrition information. There are also different assessment tools/strategies for teachers to use.

Health and Physical Education Resources

from Kathy:
In our Health/disease conscious society this site will help students avoid plastic bottles, yet have function friendly hydration options.

From Kathy:
As we start the year and feel overwhelmed this is a great site to check out!

From Karen
G-tubes (used for nutrition and/or hydration) clothing…. for children and adults

From Crystal
Here is a link about Character Education. There are links to character building (trustworthiness, respect, fairness, etc.) along with bullying awareness.
Character Education